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Full Movie: The Escaped Prisoner

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Full Movie: The Escaped Prisoner

The Escaped Prisoner

Pandora here and I have just Escaped from Jail and I'm on the run, I have broken into a house to Lay Low for a while and catch my breath, it's very exhausting being on the run, but while relaxing on the bed I find a couple of Vibrators so I put them to good use, Next Thing The Law Burst In and Catch me but I convince Officer Trisha to stay and Play a while, I soon have the officer on her back pleasuring her with the vibrators and she is really enjoying the experience so I take the opportunity to Handcuff her and make a run for it, but I she soon escapes and captures me and brings me back to the bedroom in Handcuffs, She makes me bend over on the bed and starts to lick my wet pussy with her tongue while fingering me after which she decides to strip search me so soon I'm completely Naked, I convince her to strip off too so we can get down to some real girlie fun, Once again I am pleasuring her with the two vibrators but this time I seize the opportunity to knock her out with her Truncheon just as she reaches Orgasm, I quickly turn her over handcuff her and put on her Uniform and make good my escape.

Pandora xxx

Released:Oct 25, 2021
Length:24 min

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